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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  February 5, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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years old sold by their own family members. kathie lee and i wanted to bring influence and awareness. we had fun too. check out the new movie "caged" coming out this fall near your. thank you for being a part of the real story. i'm gretchen. here's shepard. >> launching new air strikes on isis targets and breaking now, not only in syria but also in iraq. that's according to jar dan's foreign minister. i spoke with him just moments ago. i'll give you all the details and you'll hear from him in just a moment. plus, the girls' guide to isis. it contains tips about the islamic life including advice that it's okay to get married at age 9. let's get to it. and we begin with breaking news here in ahman as the clock
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strikes 10:00. the foreign minister of jordan just confirmed to fox news his warplanes have bombed isis targets in iraq. he said it's not the first time but it's brand-new news to us and beyond. u.s. insists jordan is not bombing targets in iraq. we'll go live to the pentagon for that. but here's what the minister told me a few minutes ago. jordanian pilots have kayed out strikes in iraq and syria. >> that's right. today, more syria than iraq. like i said. it's an ongoing effort. >> new to me is jordanian pilots and aircraft have operated over iraq. to me that's new information. >> no, no. we're doing all we can to target isis. isis has -- or daish has remeeched a physical border. they're in iraq and syria, so
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therefore you have to target them wherever you are. >> you said you're doing the same operations as before. it would be long to classify this as an escalation. this is a continuation. >> this is a continuation but more intensively. we said after the brutal barbaric cold-blooded murder of our brave fighter muath al kaseasbeh, we're going to up it and pursue them wherever they are, and we're doing that. >> united states military said this campaign is not possible without ground forces. would jordan be interested in sending ground forces? >> we're not going to divulge any military plans we have or strategy. suffice it to say we're at the forefront of this fight against terrorism and extremism. by the way this is not new. we were targeted here in ahman in our capital many years ago on
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our 9/11 just like you were in your states on 9/11. we find these terrorist and extremist organizations by different names. they try to go on the defensive by hijacking the religion and claim go under the umbrella of religion. religion has nothing do with them. it's a feast, co-tolerance. but we have to continue this fight. it's an ongoing fight. >> u.s. officials tell us jordan militants targeted with ten times the amount. that's after jordan's king promised retaliation for the pilot locked in a cage and burned alive. jennifer griffin with more on this live at the pentagon. jennifer, jordan says it's bombing in iraq. the u.s. says it is not.
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what is that? >> well, we've run this past pentagon officials, and as of about 17 minutes ago, we're told that in fact, that the jordanian planes had struck inside syria, but they had not been striking inside iraq, so that is news to the pentagon what the jordanian foreign minister just told you shepard. what i can tell you is that 20 jordanian f-16s flew up to northeastern syria earlier today. they were escorted by about 21 american planes including american f-16s and f-22 fighter jets as well as refuelers, awax planes for radar, jamming planes as part of the electronic warfare. they also, of course, had the search and rescue attached to this group. so a very strong show of force. it's no coincidence that they were targeting raqqah where they believe their pilot had
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been held. shepard. >> highly unusual to get this level of specificity from the kingdom here. tell us more about the targets that the united states military says the jordanians' jets with american support hit. >> well it clears that they chose raqqah because that is the commanding control of the islamic states. the isis fighters are based there, most of their foreign fighters are based there. but what you can tell from some of the aftermath photos shepard, is there's a lot of balls of black smoke and balls of fire coming out of there. that suggests they were hitting fuel posts so they were definitely sending a symbolic message, fire for fire. this is part of the earth-shaking response jordan promised for days. it's also possible the f-16s came back and did a flyover when the king was meeting with the family of the pilot, shepard.
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>> jennifer, i'm reading here that there's criticism at home on capitol hill over the weapons that the state department promised? >> well, what we know, shepard, is when the king was on capitol hill, he told lawmakers that he was frustrated, he needed more weapons for the fight against isis and republicans quoted in the last 24 hours saying the holdup was at the state department bottlenecks, they said, at the state department. both pushed back on that criticism from capitol hill today that the state department bureaucracy was somehow holding up these u.s. arms shipments to jordan. the king has requested drones and other equipment. in a bipartisan letter they urged president obama to urge the request. >> i can tell you on tuesday there was the signing of a memorandum memorandum of understanding between the united states and jordan that would extend our security situation --
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or security relationship into 2017 and would guarantee the provision of security assistance of about $400 billion a year. >> we're making ever effort to expedite the security assistance. and i would disagree with the notion that it's held up by bureaucracy in this building. nothing could be further from the truth. we're pushing forward as quickly as we can. >> in fact, when he was at the state department just two days ago, shepard received a $1 billion-a-year pledge increasing the aid to jordan to $2.5 billion over the next three years. shepard. >> money for which he expressed great thankses moments ago. also here in jordan king abdullah paid his respects to the family of the pilot. he traveled 75 miles south of here. he joined the man's father and hundreds of people who had gathered inside this traditional
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mourning tent. in tribute fighter jets flew overhead as jennifer mentioned. the man's father said they had just returned from carrying out strikes in syria. he also said his son should have been with them. connor powell is with me a middle east correspondent. that a pretty important meeting for the king today. >> it certainly was. he said the crown prince is as important to him as the pilot who was killed. so it was a heartfelt trip to express condolences to family, but it was also a political trip. the tribes and the military are one in the same. it was a sign of national community. it was a sign to say we're all in this together. the palestinians and tribals they make up the lead in this country that they're all together. >> the tribes are not something we hear much about or understand that much about but make no mistake, they're the backbone of the monarchy. the king needs their support to do most anything, especially to
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expand this campaign against isis. >> that's right. the reason the tribes are important is because they're sunni tribes. they say they're fighting for. that's the thing. if you have the tribal support of the sunni tribes here in jordan, you also can buy some of the support -- and i don't mean just in currency, in money but security. it helps provide sunnis who may or may not support isis but will sort of push them away from isis. it's a dividing line for those with the state whether it be syria or iraq or here in jordan against isis. >> this new news that the jordanians are carrying out air strikes in iraq, it may not seem like that big a distinction to people back home but it is a distinction here. what could that mean regionally? >> the hope, of course, according to jordanians and those fighting isis is this is a way of getting other arab
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countries involved. they say they will launch attacks and participate only in syria because they don't want to be disrupt things and be seen as attacking iraq which is seen as having a functioning government. that has the u.s. and other countries concern thad there isn't as much participation by the other arab gulf countries. it builds a coalition that in all reality is pretty small and pretty limited. it expands that move. >> it would be a very good move for anyone who wants to take them out. connor, thanks a lot. there's word a new christian militia in iraq to fight against isis terrorists. we report from ahman, jordan. the news continues after this. it's a fact. kind of like mute buttons equal danger. ...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good. it's not muted. was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason. it could've been brenda.
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at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like shopping hungry equals overshopping. hundreds of christian men are gearing up to battle the islamic state, we're told. many of them fighting for the first time to take back their villages across iraq. that's according to the reporting of "the wall street journal" newspaper the new militia is reportedly training at a military base about 250 miles from baghdad. more than 2,000 men have reportedly signed up. christian fighters tell "the wall street journal" that the iraqi government has done almost nothing to help them so they're taking matters into their own hands.
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activists reportedly say isis terrorists have forced some 150,000 iraqi christians out of their homes. matt bradley is with us now. he's a middle east correspondent from "the wall street journal," this is stunning to hear. they're training at one of our old bases to take back their cities? >> you know, the christians have been under a lot of stress since the u.s. invasion in 2003, so this isn't really new. but one of the really threatening prop attic things is we're going to see iraq fracture into a lot of these different groups. in news we hear about sue knees, shiites, and kurds, but really there are a lot of different religions and they're all taking up arms and all trying to defend themsz against islamic state. the question is over when the fighting is over what's going to happen to the splintered iraq that's left over. >> i know you'd seen that isis is taking children and just doing unthinkable things to
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them. is there corroboration of this and how widespread is this? what do you know? >> it's really hard to know exactly because one of the reasons is that the eeyou zeedys the christians are one of the oldest christians in the world but the ya zeedys are separate are reluctant to talk about the abuse they face, especially women for reasons of privacy and public shame and it's very difficult for us to really get in and to talk to them and find out exactly what's going on. but we're talking about sex slavery. we're talking about mass killings especially of young yizi yizidi men. again, this is one of the oldest christian civilizations in the world it's astounding to see. i spoke with the foreign minister a moment ago about a
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different matter and that is who these isis fighters are. he was very specific. they're not islamic extremists. he said -- here, listen. labels are a topic in the united states at the moment. labeling them as islamic extremists. how do you feel about that? >> that's not correct. it actually incorporates all the muslims around the world. >> so we should not call them islamic extremists. they're terrorists extremists. nothing do with religion. extremism exists in all religions, by the way, but people who have such a disregard for the dignity of human life i think, should not belong to our civilized world. >> so we should stop calling them islamic extremists. >> i think we should call them terrorists because that's what they are. terrorists and criminals who literally disregard human life and all the standards and values and principles that we stand for together. >> we spoke with this at length and his point was people of the islamic faith believe in peace
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and there is no way that anyone under islam could ever set anyone on fire or do any of these things and be kept in the faith, and the foreign minister's point was leave the word "islam" out of what these people are because they have bastardized it. does that make sense? >> of course as i mentioned this is a mine field of a conversation because you're going to offend somebody no matter how you slice it. but the fact is the islamic state themselves, as someone call isis they would consider themselves to be muslims and they would consider the rest of the majority of the islam population in the world to be infidels. now are they muslims? they certainly adhere to some form of the muslim faith a very, very extreme form. so i think it is fair to call them islamic extremists. it is fair to call them extremists, app interpretation of islam. is that fair to say all-encompassing of islamists? no of course not. most find it to be disgustingly
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an hornet. >> you were at the funeral tonight or the memorial if you will, for the iraqi fighter who was murdered by the islamic state. give us a sense of what it was like there. >> right. the jordanian fighter who was killed his image was shown of him being burned to death inside of cage. the scene there was one of intense grief and really a lot of calls for vengeance. people were saying that they want jordan to put a little bit more skin in the game. they want to see them escalating and launching more air strikes like the one they did today against targets not only in syria but in iraq. there were some people who were there, some of the family members of this young airman who was killed, they wanted to see jordanian troop going in and fighting with weapons. that would be a major escalation. but then i talked to some of the people, some of the old american in this tribe who said, really, if we do bring in ground troops
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into syria to fight the islamic state, we're going have to remember we're going to have more funerals like this one. there's going to be a lot more jordanians killed, and whether this population which is right next door to iraq and syria if they're ready to handle that kind of really destabilizing move, really increasing their presence in iraq and syria, that's something that's going to have to be a discussion about in this country. >> and that discussion is not being had. >> right now what you're hearing in jordan is a massive outpouring of patriotism, of grief, and just calls for vengeance. now, it's a little bit like what happens in any country when they go through a major major crisis. like what happened in france after the "charlie hebdo" attacks, like what happened in the u.s. after september 11th. that's what we're seeing here. we only saw one man being killed but the way he was killed was so tragic and touched so many people that people are really holding forth with just passionate feelings about what
12:20 pm
they want to do next what kind of vengeance they want to take. that's what's dominating the discussion now. the real discussion is going to happen after that when they start to sit down and really think how are we going to handle this politically militarily how are we going to use our reforces to defend jordan. >> it's good to talk with you. thank you so much. vladimir putin may have a form of autism? that's what doctors reportedly told the pet gone. and they say it could explain a lot about why he acts like, well he acts. that's next. [alarms blaring] ohhhhh... whoa whoa whoa! who's responsible for this?!? if something goes wrong, you find a scapegoat. ...rick. it's what you do. ahhhhhhhh! what'd you say? uh-oh! kelly! if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico.
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study claims president vladimir putin may have a mild disease that affects all his decisions. that study is from 2008 and claims president putin likely had asperger's syndrome. the newspaper report's researchers could not prove it because they could not perform a brain scan on him. it includes poor communication skills obsessive and repetitive routines and physical clumsiness. of course he's built a reputation of being in top physical condition. his pastimes include riding horses while shirtless, hunting tigers and practicing martial arts. hmm, asperger's. trace gallagher with this. really? >> shep, what the study indicates is by watching the way someone moves you can tell if they have brain disorder. for example, researchers say if you look at president putin
12:25 pm
during a judo match or similar activities you can tell the right side of his body is slow to react. in other words, it takes a while for the right side of his body to synch up with his brain. it's a telltale sign he had a brain injury or stroke earlier in his life. in turn that makes him socially awkward, itch patient to the point of rudeness and even gives him a lack of charm humor, and playfulness. "time" magazine once said during a dinner meeting with putin, he got up and said, there's no more food, let's call it a day, except the main course had yet to be served. more important and that his social skills is how his brain problem might affect his leadership. researchers say he stands to be a slow decision maker saying i quote, putin revisits and returns to square one continually until he knows all the facts, but what could be more dangerous is in crisis his system could return to the earliest stage leading him to
12:26 pm
freeze. the study goes on to say putin's disorder can make him stubborn at critical times saying, quote, once putin has made a decision it may be very difficult to persuade him to act differently. and finally it says the russian leader is very likely paranoid. by watching his eyes, his gaze, and facial expression he has trouble discerning if the environmental is safe and others are trurt worthy. the story also gives him credit forovercoming it with his hard work, obsession for detail and extreme need for control and he's very reluctant to give up that control. the bottom line is who need brans scan when you have judo video to watch. shep. >> if i have all of those symptoms should that be bothersome or concerning to anyone around me? >> me too. >> i'll put that down as a no response. trace gallagher -- i do have all of those symptoms and all of those reactions. i don't know if there's anything
12:27 pm
that can be done about it, but i'm guessing from this distance from home i shall not worry about it. the u.s. changes the way it searches for pilots shot down by isis. we'll get a live word from washington. plus a giant data breach and an american health insurance company. millions and millions of information now in their hands. one more thing. my interview with the foreign minister in ahman. we got word. we saw video of the pilot being burned alive and within howards the jordanians said it happened on january 3rd. how did they know. we have just seen the joid and all of a sudden it happened on january 3rd. i asked the foreign minister. you'll hear his answer. you may find it interesting. stay tuned.
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more of today's headlines
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from the fox news desk. amy pascal announced today she's starting a film production company of her own which sony will fund. late last year hackers leaked tens of thousands of sony files including e-mails suggesting that president obama might like a series of films with black actors. it was denied. the man pleaded not guilty. he shot and killed his father, a hedge fund father after his dad lowered his monthly allowance by $200. and for the first time ever the pope is set to join a joint session of congress. he will give a speech this september. he's set to visit new york and philadelphia during that very same trip. the news continues from ahman, jordan, after this. wrong. because you're not you you're a cancer hospital and your daughter... she's a team of leading researchers... and that brilliant idea is a breakthrough
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just in to fox news, we've just gotten new video.
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this is said to be from jordan's air strikes today on islamic state targets. the first clip is reported to show an f-16 taking off on its mission and the second view is from the jet's nose cam. the king of jordan said today's air strikes targeted raqqah. u.s. officials tell us 20 fighter jets were on today's mission. they tell us they had a u.s. escort along with radar and refueling planes. back here in ahman where i spoke with jordan's minister, i asked him how the jordanians were able to pinpoint the exact day on which isis killed the captured pilot so soon after we all saw the video. here's more of that video. when we saw the video of the hero pilot being murdered, within hours jordan was specific about when that murder happened. when did jordan know?
12:34 pm
>> for sure we knew when the video was aired. >> within hours the jordanians announced this happened on january 3rd. >> well, there was intelligence. like i said, from the beginning. and we're being very transparent about this. right from the beginning we suspected this was happening. we got leads in both directions. leads pointing to the fact he was murdered right from the beginning and leads that indicated that he may still be alive. we have to do what we have to do to bring him home alive. we had our suspicions. we had our analysis but when the tape was aired, of course that death the brutal death was confirmed, but the analysis indicated that it wasn't done hours before. it was done weeks before. >> under. jordan, we saw the video and within hours jordan confirmed it happened on january 3rd. jordan knew prior to the airing of the video that the pilot had died in that way? >> no. i mean again we had our suspicions, we had our analysis, but we had countermessages as
12:35 pm
well and we had to follow those leads. >> under. what was interesting to me was the specificity of it all. we saw the video and within hours jordan said this happened on january 3rd. >> yes. because we went back to some of the leads we had before and went to the footprints of the tape itself. so the intelligence came to the conclusion that this happened january 3rd. >> so what does this mean? well, it could mean that they had aerial reconnaissance, that they had some sort of satellite technology that showed where he was at the time. that showed they had video maybe from the sky of showing someone burning but they couldn't know for sure that it was he. they had their suspicions, he said, but they knew exactly when he died within hours. catherine herridge in washington. often you have to read between the lines. can you help with that at all? >> based on that excellent interview, shep, what he said, sort of to decode it is when
12:36 pm
they finally got the videotape it itself, there was details that corroborated some of the details they had, that the pilot had been killed within a short period of time after his capture, after a few days or as the foreign minister said maybe perhaps as late as ten days. what happens in these situations is that when they get a piece of data, for example, we've been reviewing some tweets in the last couple of days here at fox news that indicate the pilot was in raqqah syria on december 4th, and he was paraded through one of the main centers in that town in that cage. that is the kind of image you can pick up from aerial satellites. so if you have that data point with that date, you can kind of go into the wayback machine for aerial satellites and you can look down on raqqah, syria, to see if you think that's the pilot in the cage going around that specific section of the city. and then you can work from that and trace it out into areas outside of raqqah where they think he was executed.
12:37 pm
so the video in this case for the foreign minister, that provided the corroborating information to the early leads they had indicating the pilot was dead. >> it's interesting to me on another point, catherine, because you'll remember the united states certainly does not support and does not trade hostages in this way ever. and jen psaki at the pentagon was asked repeatedly, and i asked her on this program what tees's the united states position on the jordanian side saying we'll trade one prisoner for another and they simply did not weigh in on it. that makes me wonder if the united states know what the jordanians suspected that their prisoner had been killed and that they really weren't offering us a trade here. they were saying you give us proof to escalate the process of the knowledge of what they already knew. d us that make sense? >> yeah. based on your interview with the
12:38 pm
foreign minister amplifies the jordanians were so insist tent on that proof of life because they already had intelligence indicating the pilot had been killed within days of his capture. that's why the negotiations for the al qaeda suicide bomber never went forward because the jordanians at that point were so suspicious. on the administration's policy, this really put the white house in a very tough position because they've made the argument that with the taliban five swap for bowe bergdahl, he was a prisoner and the jordanian pilot was also, in this case by isis. >> we're getting word now the united states may soon change its own strategy for rescuing pilots henceforth. >> that's right. we spoke yesterday with the ranking democrat on the house
12:39 pm
committee adam schiff. and he came back and without giving all the details the u.s. is going to have to take a sort of heightened posture and really take it to the next level in order to try to recover any pilots who are shot down in the future. let's listen. >> in the region outside in much of the neighboring countries, it is very precarious for americans, and unfortunately there are increasing numbers around the world where merely being an american citizen puts you at risk. >> also today, shep, it's worth noting that isis has posted on social media a new reward for the death or capture of jordanian pilots 100 gold dinars. this is not the currency they're using today but it's symbolic. it harkens back to the historical view of the caliphate in the region.
12:40 pm
in addition, they say the pilot muathaouathaouath al kaseasbeh was violently torture and beaten. >> there's know ees's no question about that. we're also hearing from the parents of a missing american. >> this is a name not known to viewers but it's austin tice. austin tice was a freelance journalist working for the "washington post" and, in fact, is believed to be the first american who was kidnapped by a terrorist group in syria. there's been very little known about his captivity except for a youtube video that was released about a month after he disappeared. the video is not positive for
12:41 pm
the family. it shows him being led up to a hill -- to the top of the hill by his captors and you can hear him saying under his breath oh, jesus. but the family is reporting with them to bring it back on stage to gain a further push to obtain information about him and possibly obtain his release. i would note in the case of austin tice as we saw in the case of james foley's family and also the family of steven sotloff, they all have the same complaint. their complaint is that the u.s. government and this administration has not been forthcoming about information about their children and in particular they accuse the fbi of trying to get more information from the family than they're willing to sort of give in return. >> catherine herridge in washington. thank you so much. >> you're welcome.
12:42 pm
great interview. meantime in the united states there's been a huge data breach at the nation's second biggest health insurance company. anthem reports hackers stole more than 80 million people's personal information including social security numbers. jer gerry willis is host of the willis report. 80 million, gerry? >> it's unbelievable shep. just unbelievable. as you say they got the big kahuna of private information. they got your social security number, but that's another all. they got names, birth dates street, and e-mail address lists, employment information. of course, income data. all of that together means they can steal your identity. now, they didn't get credit card number, that's good news but they could be deciding they're going to take out money, loans in your name. everybody on this list is going to have to watch out for it for the next year. now, the big deal here is you may know the name anthem, right
12:43 pm
and you may think you don't have coverage under anthem, but it does business under several names some of take a look at these lists here. amer group, anthem blue cross, anthem blue cross and blue shield, blue cross and blue shield of georgia care more, decare empire blue cross and blue shield, health link and unicare. once again be on guard for at least a year. they have everything to set up a fake identity in your name and go out and try to get a loan. you have to be on guard, watch out, make sure they don't trip you up in coming years. shep? >> nothing is private anymore, gerri. gerri willis from "the biz." she'll be up at 5:00. if you don't know where to find fox business in your area check out they're stepping up pressure on russia to push for an end, a final end to the bloody fighting in eastern ukraine this as
12:44 pm
reports indicate president obama is considering sending weapons to ukraine in what would be a major policy shift. that's next.
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that's the comfort of rewarding connections. apply online or at a bank of america near you. president obama is considering all options when it comes to stopping the fighting in ukraine but the united states is not interesting in waging a proxy war against russia. that's the word from the secretary of state john kerry today while meeting with ukraine's leaders in kiev. this comes after reports that the white house is considering sending weapons to ukraine's government. the fox business network's rich ed edson is here. rich? the fighting has already killed 5,000 since last spring. in kiev following his meeting with president poroshenko and the prime minister, secretary of state john kerry says russia's
12:48 pm
behavior is prompting the united states. >> we want a diplomatic res lurks but we lugs, but we cannot close our eyes to tanks crossing the borders of russia and coming in to ukraine. we can't close our eyes to russian fighters in unmarked uniforms crossing the border. >> u.s. officials are promising to push an additional billion dollars in loan guarantees for ukraine as obama administration officials consider continuing offering aid. >> defensively assistance will not allow the ukrainian military to defeat the russian military in a full-fledged war but it will raise the risks and costs russia must incur to continue its offensive. >> secretary of state kerry says
12:49 pm
the administration will soon decide whether to provide that assistance to ukraine. shep? >> rich edson live in washington. thanks very much. girls should stop their education at 15 and they should not go to work. those are but two of the guidelines for women who want to support the islamic state, according to a newly released -- or i should say newly uncovered document. the details of this one are coming up.
12:50 pm
12:51 pm
get married at age nine. stay indoors and by all means don't get a job because that will corrupt you. all of that from the islamic state's new guide for life for women. a 10,000 word manifesto if you will, it details all of the way
12:52 pm
that women should live. harris faulkner is live on the news desk. >> shep, women do have a role in the plan. it is being oppressed and hidden. but you are free to kill and be killed in the fight. not the official islamic state law yet, but a guide for now. what isis fighters are enforcing as they rape and murder their wear across iraq and syria. girls as young as nine can marry. females must stay behind closed-doors. living hidden in veils. fashion shops and beauty salons are the work of the devil. and women shouldn't be corrupted by working a job, unless there are no men to perform that job
12:53 pm
like being a doctor or wage jihad. from what i am reading a lot of the things about the things women do being demonic. from what i have found out, it is now being enforced by an all female militia inside isis headed by a british 20-year-old. their parents have been pleading for their return for months. now she reportedly has been joined by 60 or so other british women to make sure little girls and women of all ages follow the rules they told you about. women choosing to join isis. they will live under the rules i outlined. there is a big social media push to make this life and being advertised on jihadi sites look tempting. here is a picture with a woman
12:54 pm
and her alleged new husband. the headline, isis men marrying children. sounds more like an army of pedophiles. shep. wow. we will be right back. you just got a big bump in miles. so this is a great opportunity for an upgrade. sound good? great. because you're not you you're a whole airline... and it's not a ticket you're upgrading it's your entire operations, from domestic to international... which means you need help from a whole team of advisors. from workforce strategies to tech solutions and a thousand other things. so you call pwc. the right people to get the extraordinary done. ♪ ♪ can this decadent, fruit topped pastry... ...with indulgent streusel crumble, be from... fiber one. fiber one streusel.
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quote today,call liberty mutual insurance at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. approaching the top of the hour. neil cavuto will take over in a moment. recapping some of the news we learned in this hour. the jordanian fighter pilots carried out at least 20 jets involved in strikes over syria today against isis targets. they released some video of that. the foreign minister says jordan is also involved in attacks in iraq. brand-new information for us today on isis targets in syria and now also in iraq.
12:58 pm
and further, we learned that the jordanians strongly suspected their pilot who was kidnapped by isis had been murdered long before we showed the video. that is why they told us that he was murdered on january 3rd. intelligence suggested and they believe he may as well died. but it was the video that gave them the final proof. the war on isis is escalating and more jordanian planes were involved today. and on this day in 1989 the last soviet troops left kabal. muslim rebels fought back with the help of american weapons. one of those rebels was osama bin laden. the u.s. would launch their own war in afghanistan which has killed more than 2,200 americans.
12:59 pm
six times the amount the soviet forces lost before the red army headed out 26 years ago. today. i am shepard smith in jordan. the dow is up 206 points today. "your world" starts now. well shep said they are not messing around. taking out isis targets as jordan's king makes good on their vows. two days after isis showed a video of a jordanian pilot being burned inside a cage. jordan responded. f-16s dropping bombs on isis targets in syria. now 55 isis targets, including a senior commander were taken out in those
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